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When an ending becomes a beginning

I truly can't believe that my lifelong goal of becoming a published author is about to become real. Today I attached an anthology that my first published work will show up in onto my Amazon author account and it doesn't feel real. I LOVE the story and the Black Backed Mirror is a launching point for a gender bender fairytale retelling series that I'm working on. Hopefully the first of which will be available in 2022.

While that is a bit of a wait, my first full length book that I will be publishing is about to go to a final editor. Worldwalker has been my baby for almost 5 years. I've scrapped it entirely started over multiple times on it and even though I'm just a couple of weeks away from sending the final version to an editor I'm still doing some major changes. I think the hardest thing that I am running into is that my writing skill and style has improved over the last 5 years and it definitely shows in some areas. I am so excited to finally release this book though! Book 2 of the series is 80% of the way plotted out and I'm working on a newsletter short story to go along with it.

I do laugh a bit though at the fact that a little over a year ago I decided to shop around for a book cover and ended up becoming a book cover designer. I truly love it and it's taken over as my full time job to pay the bills and pay for publishing my books. The problem is that while I love doing it and it's simple for me to help an author break it down into what would be a great marketable cover for their story, I know too much. I have no cover because my brain won't grasp onto it. The question is do I hire someone else to make it or attempt to push through and make my own. My fairytale retelling one I know exactly what I want for them, Worldwalker though I am at a loss.

I will figure it out... eventually.

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