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Banneret Series

Dark fantasy sword and sorcery with light romance.

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The Black-Backed Mirror Series

A dark fantasy romance series with fade to black spice level and a hint of a fairytale retelling in each one.

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Goddess of the Broken

Gods and Goddesses Dark Fantasy Romance

A Duology 

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Stand Alone Books

These books are not part of a series


Kindle Vella Books

As I write my books, I update at least weekly on Kindle Vella. It's a new program by Amazon that is being tested for US authors and readers. Can't wait to find out what happens next on your favorite series? Check and see if it's up on Vella! The first 3 episodes are always free.

J. D. Magnetra Vella Stories

J. D. Magnetra is the spicy alter ego of Jamie Dalton. All Vellas and books published under J. D. Magnetra have varying levels of spice involved. 

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