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Operation Author

What started as a small project where I partnered up with an editor, a formatter and decided I would do the book cover myself to help one author publish their book for free has sort of blown up in the best way possible!

I have enough volunteers to help 21 authors publish their books for free and that is the best feeling in the world. I fully admit that the process of going through 127 submissions, going through 70 volunteers information to match up teams of volunteers and find a book for them has been a lot.

Dragonborn released today and honestly I've sort of dropped the ball. I've been completely focused on this and getting things going. The book is up and I figure I can give it some love later. I don't need to stress too much. Especially since I have the final book in the works and just got the art for the cover for it today!

I've heard back from around half of the authors who have been selected and I am waiting to hear back from 6 volunteers before I can message the final authors. Honestly I am so excited to help them be able to do this. I know it's going to be a lot of work over the next year, but we've got this!

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