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Tales of Howloween
Dare to venture into the haunted hollows with these hairy hooligans as they turn Halloween on its head - or tails! From collegiate football players changed by a mysterious serum, to star-crossed soulmates changing fate itself, each story brings the paranormal up close. Thriller and romance blend as these nine authors unleash their primal sides.


Tales of Howloween Giveaway

We promise it's not a trick. 

One lucky winner will be getting a treat this Halloween. 

Will it be you?


Submissions Now Open

Tales of Christmas Villains

Interested in being in our next short story collection? Submissions are currently open for our winter edition! Rules are on the form below. 

Tales of...

Sassy and Quirky Productions was started by two friends who both loved to share their stories with the world and help other authors. Jamie Dalton and DC Gomez decided to combine both those loves with a series of short story collections that would cost the authors participating nothing to join giving. This not only gives them the opportunity to publish the stories they love writing, but also lets them help authors at all publishing stages and create the opportunity to learn and make connections in the author community. Several times a year a theme is selected and submissions are opened where up to 8 stories are chosen to be published in that edition.


Spice Rating
Scale for the Tales of Collections Stories

Spice Level 0: A story without any romantic elements. This is a tale free from love and affection, focusing on other aspects like friendships, adventures, or personal growth. Perfect for those seeking a non-romantic narrative.

Spice Level 1: A gentle and innocent romance, filled with sweet moments like kisses and handholding. No explicit sexual content included.

Spice Level 2: A romantic story with a simmering tension. It features intimate scenes that gracefully fade to black, leaving the explicit details to your imagination.

Spice Level 3: A sensual love story that explores romantic intimacy without explicit descriptions. It focuses on traditional lovemaking.

Spice Level 4: A passionate romance with explicit sex scenes, vividly described. It may include non-traditional encounters and is quite steamy!

Spice Level 5: An intensely erotic and adult-oriented category. These stories put explicit sex at the forefront, exploring provocative and kinky elements. Strictly for readers above 18 years old.

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