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How to Be a Good Villain Kickstarter

A villain gets the guy, enemies to lovers slow-burn romance with fake dating, found family, magic, and a dash of mayhem.

If a banter-filled fantasy romcom with a dash of spice sounds up your alley follow my kickstarter for updates! Following is not committing to back it but agreeing to get updates for it.

Want a sneak peek of the world? How about a limited edition newsletter of newspaper articles from both the villain and hero sides of this high fantasy society? Our main characters make appearances from time to time as well as some side ones and these are no ordinary articles. Prepare for sass and unexpected problems.


Tales of Christmas Villains Reader Appreciation Event

What's our librarian of T.A.L.E.S. been up to? How about canceling Christmas? Join her and 140+ authors as they give away some bookish presents. A little something from us authors to our amazing readers. 


Tales of Disastrous Dates 

Short Story Collection Submissions Are Open

A total of 10 short stories about dates gone wrong with a paranormal/magical twist will be selected to be published Feb 2023. Check out the submission requirements by clicking the button below,

Magnetra's PR and ARC Newsletter Sign Up

Love getting advanced copies of books? How about PR boxes or swag from authors? 


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J. D. Magnetra Amazon Page

Join Street Team

A street team get first dibs on advanced copies of books and sometimes get extra surprises in the mail. 

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To purchase international copies or if you have any questions please email me or fill out the form.

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