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Magnetra's Design

Magnetra's Design started in 2019 as a creative outlet for me and my art. I love making all things paranormal and fantasy but tend to avoid spicy covers. While I enjoy reading it, my art style isn't the best for those genres.

Premade Book Covers

A premade book cover allows the author to buy a discounted cover. It's a great way to save money. Premade book covers allow only text changes and only include the cost of an ebook only.

Custom Premade Book Cover

A custom premade book cover lets the author prepay for a book cover at a discount from the cost of a custom while still giving input on what the art will be. There are no changes allowed once the cover has started to be made.
-Starts at $150-

Custom Book Cover

***Custom Bookings are Currently Closed***
A custom book cover lets you work with me one on one through several rounds of feedback to create something that is unique but marketable for your book and your target audience. 
-Starts at $299-

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