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Adalyn knows that brokering a peace treaty between Pieriun and Chors won't be easy. Old wounds still fester and something, or someone, does not want them to heal.
Held captive in enemy territory, Adalyn’s torn between her duty to end this war and the responsibility of captain of the Banneret back home. To be free, she must sort through the rumors and discover who the puppet master of this war really is.
A dragon?
The prince’s mistress?
The answers were left in the past and only a worldwalker can find them.

Goddess of the Broken

Immortality favors the gods of the blessed. For the goddess of the broken it's an unending hell.

Tempest abandoned the land of the gods long ago. No longer willing to feel the damage from or fix their lies. The man she found left for dead bore one of the most broken souls she had ever felt. But to bring retribution on those who had wronged him means entering the very world she had spent her life avoiding.

The goddess of the broken may be broken herself, but what could she be if she wasn't?

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Throne of Slumber

When rumors abound that the dark fae court has been placed under a sleeping curse Charlotte suspects her father, the light fae king is behind it.

Jeb's past has been hidden from him his entire life. The heir to the dark fae throne, he sets out to find a way to break the curse and save a family he never knew. Little does he know the help he found in the tavern is the light fae princess herself disguised as a man.

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The Black-Backed Mirror

A short story intro to the Black-Backed Mirror Retelling Series and prequel to Throne of Slumber

They said if you looked in a black backed mirror on the stroke of midnight during the full moon that you would see your true love or your demise. 

Claire had had enough of letting fate control her life. She swore never to be a slave to anyone or anything ever again. A black backed mirror was the last thing she was interested in. At least until an unusual wizard appeared with the opportunity of a lifetime. 

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